Provincial Profiles: Non-Timber Forest Products across Canada

Every province and territory in Canada has an existing NTFP industry in some form. From wild berry harvesting in Newfoundland and Labrador, to floral greenery harvesting in British Columbia, to mushroom harvesting in the Northwest Territories, hundreds of products are sold into local, provincial, national, and international markets. An unknown but potentially even larger number of products are harvested for subsistence, cultural, and recreational purposes.

There are also literally dozens of research programs, community development projects, and other initiatives involving NTFPs underway across Canada. Many operate in isolation with few opportunities to benefit and learn from research and development initiatives that have occurred elsewhere in the country.

One of the key objectives of the Non-Timber Forest Products Network of Canada is to address this isolation by creating opportunities to share information about initiatives and issues related to the NTFP sector. Over time, we intend to populate this site with reports from all jurisdictions to help us both share information as well as build a community of individuals, organizations, and businesses concerned with the sustainable management and appropriate development of these important resources.

If you are interested in producing or up-dating a provincial profile and/or wish to submit additional information to share with others working in the area of NTFPs, please send an e-mail to: