Partners in Network Development

The Non-Timber Forest Products Network of Canada is a newly formed group of agencies, organizations, and businesses concerned with the sustainable and ethical development of the non-timber forest products sector in Canada. A meeting of the Network in Saskatoon last October was attended by participants from seven provinces, representing research and educational institutions, federal and provincial government agencies, the First Nations Forestry Association, private business, and harvester organizations. We will continue to expand the Network to improve information sharing across the country and better represent the broad range of interests in the NTFP sector within Canada.

The Non-Timber Forest Products Network of Canada is a partnership open to all stakeholder organizations and agencies concerned with the development and management of non-timber forest resources. There is no cost to join the Network.

To become a partner in the Network, please send an e-mail to:

Current Partners in the Non-Timber Forest Products Network of Canada: